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Many blocked drains are one off events.  A set of circumstances conspire to create a blockage, which once cleared may never occur again, or at least not for a long time.  Children and their toys often play a major role in such events.  A surprising number of blockages are caused by toys or fresheners entering drains or toilet pans. Similarly, many are the result of the accidental flushing of nappies or other sanitary waste down the WC.   Other causes include root Infestation, grease/fat, debris or siltation, structural defects, and many more. The cause of a blocked drain is important as it can affect the optimum solution.


We have a number of techniques at our disposal to clear blocked drains, including manual rodding, high pressure jetting and electromechanical rodding.  Each technique is appropriate for different conditions.  Our clearance units are equipped with all options.  Furthermore, for health and safety and operational efficiency reasons, EDS always utilise 2 man teams to clear blockages.  Our competitors generally use a single operative, a point to consider if you are paying by the hour.


High pressure jetting is a specialist operation, requiring experienced staff and correct selection of pressure and  jet head to ensure any blockage is efficiently dealt with whilst avoiding damage to the drain.  Select your contractor carefully !


For a first time blockage, we would recommend it is cleared and the situation monitored for repeat blockages. On the other hand, If  you have experienced a blocked drain previously, then we may recommend a CCTV Survey Unit (complete with drain clearance equipment) to investigate the problem, both before the blocked drain is cleared (to verify the location and nature of the blockage) and following drain clearance (to ensure the pipes are clear and no defects are evident).  Whilst our blockage response units have "look See" cameras to assisist clearance, with a CCTV unit with jetter (slightly more expensive than a drain clearance unit alone), you will receive a full report detailing findings and recommendations.  This will be invaluable if you subsequently decide to claim on your domestic property insurance policy.


Please note, there may be circumstances where, following the clearance of a blockage, our engineer suspects that structural defects are the underlying cause, and we may recommend further action on completion.  We will always explain our reasons, and NEVER use pressure sales techniques.


In rare instances, it may not be possible to clear the blockage and in these circumstances we  will advise of any emergency remedial works necessary to resolve the problem (for example an excavation and repair). Where requested, and if appropriate, we are happy to liaise with your insurance company or their appointed consultants to progress the matter on your behalf, or provide a written report to support your claim.


We have a full range of plant, combined with fully trained personnel, for the  efficient and cost effective clearance of your drainage system.  Call Now to discuss your requirements.  No obligation, no pressure whatsoever.  We are confident we have the solution to your drainage problem.

Ok, so you may have a blocked drain or possibly another drainage problem. Don't Panic!  A rash decision at this point is likely to cost you both financially and emotionally.  


If you simply want help NOW, and know of our reputation, then call on 0845 2300939 (or use the local numbers opposite if you prefer), and we will advise on the service you need.  We don't charge a call out fee and we quote an hourly rate based upon the services required. We will also give a best estimate of duration and will never exceed this estimate without your authority.  Please be sure you obtain an hourly rate for your peace of mind and check out our Service Promise.


We are based Nr Meadowhall, Junction 34 M1.  For emergencies requiring FAST RESPONSE, we can realistically service Yorkshire and the Midlands. Unfortunately, it is easy to mask your location online to increase your potential customer base.  Beware contractors with numerous similar pages for numerous areas.  They are rarely local and need to recoup travel costs.


Dealing With Blocked Drains, What You Need To Know

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We are TrustMark registered and are regularly audited.  TrustMark provides you the assurance to use Environmental Drainage Solutions for the first time.  Once you have made the first step to call or email, we will happily provide references on request.  We have successfully been the sole drainage maintenance contractor to the Meadowhall Centre for the past 15 years and have resolved drainage issues at numerous private domestic and council properties on behalf of Local Authorities within the Yorkshire region.  Any reputable contractor will be happy to give references, we are.


No Obligation Free Advice:- We are always happy to discuss drainage issues and will provide relevant information without high pressure sales.  It is our experience that honest expert advice best reassures the customer of the quality and value of our service.  


Pricing:- The hourly rate you are quoted is for time on site and includes our travel overheads.  We will never request a callout charge.  Our staff are paid hourly and therefore we charge hourly.  Whilst a fixed price may initially appear advantageous, it will almost certainly result in a more expensive final cost.  The price you are quoted is an hourly rate for a fully equipped blockage unit, with all the necessary equipment and expertise to clear most blockages.  We will not start the job and then request additional monies for non included services (i.e. jetting or chemicals etc.).  


On Site:- Our blockage units are manned by two operatives to ensure works can be undertaken safely with maximum efficiency and minimum time on site, resulting in lower cost to the customer.   All EDS staff carry proof of identity, including a photograph and telephone number for verification.  We will keep you informed of progress during the course of the work,  which  will be carried out in accordance with a best practice Health and Safety Policy.  We only use staff and operatives competent in the work involved.  We will arrive on site within 1 hour of an appointment, in a vehicle clearly marked with the Company’s name.  If we are running late (or early!) you will be contacted to ensure that this is acceptable.  

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