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EDS have a wealth of experience of new drain laying for extensions, self-build or complete renewal due to system failure.  Whether a Sewer Connection (Section 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991), a Public Sewer diversion (Section 185 of the Water Industry Act 1991), or instalation of land drainage, septic tanks, package treatment plants and package pumping stations, we can help.


Planning an extension? Need a Drain Diversion?


It is essential to identify any drain or sewer crossing the proposed building footprint before you start building.  Under the Building Regulations you will not generally be permitted to build over a public sewer greater than 225mm diameter, greater than 3m deep, over a length greater than 6m and never over access chambers.  EDS can assist you in overcoming Planning or Building Regulation objections with an expert design and drain laying service for a sewer diversion or proposed extension drainage. Through years of responsible, competent operation, we have developed a strong working relationship with Local Authorities and Sewerage Undertakers within the industry. We can advise on all relevant legislation and are committed to providing the highest standard of workmanship.  


When proposing to build over  an existing drain, it is essential to inspect the pipework by drain survey and repair or replace defective pipework, to ensure a drain design life to match the design life of the proposed building.  Repairs required after construction of the building are likely to be very costly and disruptive.  A drain survey prior to the works is an essential investment.


Even if an inspection chamber is private, it should always be a last resort to build over.  Wherever possible, the chamber should be relocated outside the footprint of the building.  Where there really is no alternative, then a good quality double sealed cover and frame should be fitted and access should never be restricted by floor coverings.  We regularly visit clients where a simple blocked drain is rendered significantly more expensive and disruptive, due to lack of access.  We also regularly visit clients who endure regular smell problems due to the incorrect removing of a double sealed cover (usually a screwdriver) and subsequent venting of the drain into the property.


Drain Laying  - New Pipework, Diversions

EDS staff have extensive  experience to assist you through the process of investigation, design, and build for new drain laying works, whether  inside or outside of domestic properties.  We are  accredited to work in the public highway, and can undertake all necessary liaison with the relevant authorities for new build drainage or proposed extension drainage.

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