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EDS, an approved FMB Contractor, have extensive experience of all aspects of domestic and commercial drain repair and undertake works in accordance with the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry.  Reinstatement  can be undertaken in any surface by experienced skilled craftsmen.  Where appropriate, NO DIG solutions (Drain lining, patch liner) can be utilised.  A drain reline will avoid disruption, and almost always provide a more economical solution.


Where drain repairs are identified following a CCTV survey, an EDS Engineer will provide a written quotation, detailing the problem, where liability for the repair lies (not always straightforward), the severity, likely cause (essential for insurance purposes)  and the optimum solution (drain excavation, patch liner etc).  We are always happy to explain quotations during a follow up site visit if required.


When planning the successful undertaking of a drainage repair, in addition to proposing the best value solution, we always consider the numerous operational issues, including health and safety risks to operatives, client and the public, structural risks to adjacent buildings (subsidence) or services (damage), and environmental risks to receiving watercourses.  It is also vital to consider the long term stability both of the drain repairs undertaken, and of any other drains in the vicinity of the works.  


Extensive guidance is available with respect to drain repairs, including; trench width, pipe bedding, loading conditions, reinstatement protocol, surfacing and much more.  To the lay person, much of this seems an over complication.  However, experience of industry professionals over many years, has established specifications which, when adhered to, will guarantee the longevity of any drain repair.  Equally, if ignored, a drain repair may fail within a relatively short time.  We regularly find defects on recently repaired pipework, where the contractor has chosen to ignore (or may have been ignorant of) industry specifications.  Choose your contractor carefully.


There are circumstances where the defect and local conditions are such that drain relining is the optimum drain repair solution.  Where the pipework is not deformed or significantly displaced, and where depth or location would make an excavation expensive or disruptive, a drain relining solution can often be preferable.  EDS  will offer a drain relining solution where appropriate and will advise on both relative costs and the pros and cons of relining v excavation for your particular situation.


Any drainage system consists of pipework and ancillaries.  Ancillaries include, for example, gullies or channel drains to collect surface water, chambers to allow access for maintenance,  changes of direction, or the connection of several branches.  Ancillaries also include soakaways, septic tanks, treatment plants and much more.  


Drainage problems can often be due to defects at gullys or chambers, rather than within the pipework.  It is therefore essential that all components of a drainage system are assessed when investigating drainage problems.  A CCTV survey is only concerned with the condition of the pipework.  We always produce ancillary assessment records for every chamber or gully etc within the system being assessed.


In addition to pipework replacement and relining, EDS can offer a number of solutions for defective chamber repair, including replacement of damaged covers, epoxy sealing of cracks, remedial works to benching, or indeed rebuilding the entire chamber.  In some cases, it may be prefereable to abandon the drain and install new pipework on a different horizontal alignment (i.e. a drain or sewer diversion).

Drain Repair, Chamber Repair Drain Repair, Excavation


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Drain Repair, Excavation Drain Repair, Excavation

Example of EDS supported excavation,for drain repair close to existing structure and relatively deep.

Contractor abandoned this job.  Bits of tree and roofing battens are indeed what you can see here.

Domestic Drain Excavation and repair Drain Repair, Excavation