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For most problems, a drain survey will provide essential information to allow the correct diagnosis to be made and the most appropriate, economical solution to be proposed.  Combined with jetting, sonar tracing and a wealth of experience and expertise, drain CCTV surveying is a powerful diagnostic tool indeed.

domestic Drain Survey Debris & displaced Joints


Drainage Survey Report - What Should You Expect ?

Blocked Drains - A drain survey will identify possible causes of regular blockages, such as grease, debris, tree roots, displaced joints, or structural damage.  A drain Survey may also be necessary in instances where a blocked drain cannot be cleared.


Moving House? Home Buyer's Report  - There are potentially £1,000's worth of remedial works required on any new property.  Find them BEFORE you buy with a full drain survey.


Subsidence  - The ingress of ground water into a defective pipe can transport fine material which is then flushed downstream. This may lead to voids forming in the ground and ultimately subsidence. Additionally, water escaping from pipes may wash away fine material or soften clay, both potentially leading to subsidence, or occasionally heave.  A drain survey will identify defects likely to cause subsidence.


Water in cellar  - Water entering your cellar can originate from a burst water main, ground water, a land drainage problem or from a defective drain or gulley.  A drain survey will often identify a cause or at least eliminate the drainage system as a likely cause.


Flooding  - Flooding may be caused by a reduced capacity in a pipe due to debris or structural defect, which can usually be located by drain survey.


Smells  - Drain surveys can be used to determine the cause of internal or external smells.  In addition to structural defects, these could originate from a build up of solids, faulty seals in manhole covers or incorrect venting. 

It should be noted that most drainage systems exhibit some structural defects & the guidelines are merely a starting point.  In the right ground conditions, defects can be stable and cause no problem  for many years, and therefore do not necessarily require action.  Conversly, in some situations even minor defects can be significant. EDS domestic drain survey reports are interpreted by experienced drainage professionals, taking the specific situation into consideration.


We aim to provide a reasonable, balanced recommendation for remedial works, based upon our experience and following consultation with the customer.  We will never recommend unnecessary work and are always happy to attend follow on site meetings to explain the implications of our findings. In some cases, particular defects may be considered to be accidental damage by your property insurer and the costs of remedial works may be covered.  We will always advise in these circumstances.

Possible Reasons For A Domestic Drain Survey Or Drain Investigation

Drain Survey Home Buyer's Report Drain Survey Subsidence
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Drain Survey Crawler Unit

Our CCTV units carry state of the art equipment to undertake drain surveys and drain tracing of private drains, sewers or culverts.  A copy of the report, video  and drainage plan together with written recommendations and quotation, made by an experienced, drainage professional, are provided on completion.  All work is carried out to nationally agreed standards and with trained operatives who will treat your property with the utmost care.  On completion, the working area will be left in a clean and tidy condition to your complete satisfaction.



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