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A waterlogged garden or mossy lawn is often an indication of a failed or inadequate land drainage system.  Land drainage systems fail for a variety of reasons.  


Land Drains are rarely maintained.  Over the years they will silt up until they are no longer effective, resulting in a waterlogged garden.  Traditionally, land drains are constructed without access points for maintenance, and with no indication where land drains are or even whether they exist.  


Where land drainage systems silt up over a long period (and their capacity to drain your garden becomes less and less), we would expect you to notice a gradual worsening of the problem.  


In other cases, tree roots can block a land drain.  Once the roots have found a way into the drain, and therefore a rich source of moisture, they can grow very quickly.  In cases where a problem appears over a relatively short period, tree roots are often the culprit.


Occasionally, a land drainage problem appears in your garden because a neighbour up the hill has had their land drainage problem resolved and more water is now entering your silted or root infested land drain.  Similarly, if you resolve your problem, it is likely that neighbours downstream may subsequently experience problems.  Please feel free to pass on our details.


EDS can locate land drains, jetting, root-cutting or replacing as necessary to return your garden to its original condition.  By equipping an excavation team with CCTV Survey and sonar trace equipment, we can often bring a systems back to effective working order by investigating and repairing during the same visit, thereby saving time and expense for the client.


Where no land drainage exists, we can provide an investigation, design, and installation service.  In cases where no outfall for land drainage exists, and if your ground conditions are suitable, we may recommend a discharge of the surface water or land drainage to a soakaway.  Beware!  We are contacted regularly by clients who have incurred significant expense paying for a soakaway to be installed in areas where the ground conditions are totally unsuitable (for example in clay).  The Building Regulations and CIRIA provide guidance on percolation tests and in order to avoid expenditure on ineffective solutions, we would almost always recommend that a percolation test be undertaken prior to design and installation of a new land drainage system, to establish suitability and required size.


Many gardens contain open watercourses that require maintence, dredging, grillage clearance etc.  In many instances customers may be considering culverting a watercourse to increase usable garden space.  EDS can assist with all aspects of watercourse maintenance and also  provide guidance on legal aspects of culverting watercourses together with a complete design and install service.


EDS know how important your garden is to you. During construction we will save turf wherever possible. We will use boards for storing excavated material and we will attempt to replace any displaced plants. We will always endeavour to return your garden to as close as possible to its original condition.


Defective Land Drain - We  Can  Help You Enjoy Your Garden

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