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Drain CCTV Survey -Completed - Just The Beginning...

Drain CCTV Survey Mass Roots

There are potentially many £1,000's worth of remedial works required on any commercial property.  The age of the property is no indication of the state of the drainage system.  A drain CCTV survey together with ancillary inspection is the only way to be sure of potential liabilities.

Drain CCTV Survey For Subsidence Investigation
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EDS CCTV units contain state of the art equipment to undertake surveys of drains, sewers, or culverts from 50mm (usually internal difficult access) to 1500mm diameter, perhaps in Highway.  On drains greater than 225mm diameter, pan and tilt surveys are available.  All CCTV units can be equipped with trailer jetting equipment to allow clearance of blockages to enable surveys to be completed.  Whilst usually avoided, any necessary mahole acess work is undertaken out in accordance with the Confined Space Regulations, using experienced, trained operatives and the required safety equipment.


We undertake drain CCTV surveys to provide information for designers, to investigate pollution incidents, and to produce drainage plans to satisfy ISO 14001 or IPPC requirements.  Whatever the reason for a cctv survey, a coordinated, integrated, approach is essential to ensure a focussed, economical survey report  with accompanying drainage plan is produced.


For most drainage problems, a drain CCTV survey will provide essential information to allow the correct diagnosis to be made and the most appropriate, best value solution to be proposed.  Combined with jetting, sonar tracing and a wealth of experience and expertise for subsequent interpretation, an EDS drain CCTV survey is a powerful diagnostic and design tool.

CCTV DEFECT ASSESSMENT Drain CCTV Survey Confined Space Access

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Investigate Regular Blocked Drains

A drain CCTV survey will identify possible causes of regular blockages, such as grease, debris, tree roots, displaced joints, or structural damage.  A drain CCTV survey is also useful to confirm that a blockage has been effectively cleared and all debris, including any secondary blockages, removed.  A drain CCTV survey may also be necessary in instances where a blockage cannot be cleared, for example, in conjunction with sonar tracing, to locate a defect.

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Site Drainage Plan

Site drainage plans can be required for management of underground assets; to satisfy the requirements of an environmental accreditation process; or for contributing impermeable areas assessment on  proposed development sites.  Our investigations can range from connectivity only survey to full condition and connectivity survey with manhole and ancillary reporting, depending on the intended use.


Many clients require a site drainage plan a part of an environmental accreditation process or simply as an integral part of good housekeeping.  It is essential for any business to know the status of all chambers on site, the outfall for gullys, channels etc, and have a plan of action for immediate implementation in the event of a spillage of materials hazardous to the environment.  Even offices with car parks can have a responsibility to ensure surface water runoff passes through an appropriate oil separator prior to discharge to a waterway, or even a sewer.  EDS can provide advice and a quotation for any measures necessary for compliance.


For brown-field site development, we can economically produce plans showing areas connected to the sewerage system or local watercourse, for use in proposed discharge rate negotiations. Econonomy is achieved through the optimum balance of CCTV surveys, sewer tracing and dye testing.  Results are presented in a comprehensive report with scale CAD site drainage plan, highlighting impermeable areas and discharge points.


Costs incurred determining  existing contributing impermeable areas are almost always recouped many times over by reducing the requirement for expensive surface water storage. However, over-estimation of existing contributing impermeable areas can result in under design of a development drainage system and subsequent flooding.  EDS have the expertise and experience to provide the most effective and comprehensive drainage report necessary to minimise your proposed drainage costs and flood risk.


In addition, accurate location of existing drains and sewers within a prospective redevelopment site  will enable optimal design of the site layout, whilst accommodating easements to public sewers or culverts and ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations.  EDS offer a sewer and drain location service through the use of sonar systems in conjunction with CCTV.  We also offer an "As built" plan production service.

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Delapidation Survey

The ingress of ground water into a defective pipe can transport fine material which is then flushed downstream. This may lead to voids forming in the ground and ultimately subsidence. Additionally, water escaping from pipes may wash away fine material or soften clay, both potentially leading to subsidence.  A drain CCTV survey is a vital component in the armoury of any structural Engineer investigating subsidence.

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Subsidence Investigation

Water found in cellars or sub floor areas can originate from a burst water main, ground water, a land drainage problem or from a defective drain or gulley.  A drain CCTV survey, together with dye and flow testing can often find the source or at least eliminate the drainage system as a possible cause.

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Water In Cellar

Flooding may be caused by inadequate drainage design, reduced capacity in a drainage system due to debris or structural defects, or simply blocked gulleys or channel drains.  In some cases, a surcharging downstream sewer may be the culprit.  The cause of flooding incidents can rarely be established without undertaking a drain CCTV survey.

Drain CCTV surveys can be used to determine the cause of internal or external smells.  In addition to structural defects, these could originate from faulty seals in manhole covers or incorrect venting.

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Flooding Investigation

Commercial Drain CCTV Survey - Drain Smell Investigation

On completion of the works a copy of the video in DVD format together with a professional written drainage report (to nationally agreed standards) and drainage plan are provided to the client.  Drainage plans are produced in CAD format, preferably using topographic survey base data, or alternatively from Ordnance Survey background.  The written report, in conjunction with the dvd and site plan, provide detailed information regarding the location, depth and severity of defects found. If requested by the client, our reports can include a schedule of defects and proposed remedial works with prices. Defects are assessed in accordance with the Water Research Council (WRC) Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual.  


Our report recommendations are produced by an experienced professional and are based upon WRC guidelines, in conjunction with many other considerations, such as the nature of original problem, the implications of a future drain collapse, frequency of surcharging, and many more.  


We aim to provide a reasonable, balanced recommendation for remedial works, based upon our experience and following consultation with the client. We will never recommend unnecessary work and are always happy to attend follow on site meetings to explain the implications of our findings.  In some cases, particular defects may be considered to be accidental damage by your property insurer and the costs of remedial works may be covered.  We will always advise in these circumstances.

Why Use EDS for your Drain CCTV Survey Or Drainage Investigation ?

We can provide many references to demonstrate expertise and a quality service in all aspects of drainage investigation over many years.  Call NOW or use the Fast Drainage Enquiry form and we will prove it.

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