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Drainage  Maintenance - Tree Root Infestation

Root infestation and subsequent drain blockage is a common problem on drains adjacent to planted areas.  Roots infiltrate drains either through defective pipe joints  or cracks, fractures and holes  in the pipework.  Assuming the pipework is not badly damaged, roots can often be removed by electromechanical root cutting or high pressure jetting using a specialist root cutting jet head.  


Whilst in some instances of extensive root infestation, damage to the pipework is so great that the appropriate solution is lining or excavation and replacement of the drain on-line, there are occasions where significant Capital expenditure can be deferred by the implementation of an annual root cutting strategy.  EDS can advise on this and are happy to discuss on site at a free site consultation.

Drainage Maintenance - Grease Maintenance

Excessive grease or fat within a drainage system can result in regular blockages. Don’t pour fat down the sink.  Always pour into a suitable container and allow to cool, followed by  appropriate disposal.  Commercial kitchens should normally have a grease trap, which will require regularlar maintenance.  


Any grease or fat in a drainage system can be effectively cleared by high pressure jetting, which will break up the deposits and prevent downstream problems.  Manual rodding in this situation is not recommended as it is likely to merely concentrate the problem downstream,  allowing the blockage to quickly reoccur.  In extreme cases, grease build up can be so extensive that the only solution is manual excavation from inspection chambers, in order to allow access into pipework to high pressure jet the system. We do not use caustic chemicals to free grease-clogged  drainage systems, as we believe they are expensive, ineffective and not environmentally friendly.  


Call now for a free inspection of your grease trap.  We are happy to undertake grease trap cleaning on a call off basis or can design an effective maintenance programme to ensure you do not suffer loss of business due to grease problems.  EDS are registered waste carriers and are authorised to remove waste grease to registered disposal sites

Surface water gullys and channel drains serving your property are designed to intercept silt before it reaches the drain.  The downstream drain may contain surface water only and drain to a surface water outfall or possibly to a soakaway.  In older areas, surface water may drain to a combined drain (shared with foul effluent).  In all cases,  where gullys exist, they should be inspected annually and emptied to avoid silted drains and subsequent blockages or flooding.


Deposited silt reduces the capacity of the pipe and can lead to flooding under heavy rainfall or regular blocked drains if the drain is combined.  If you experience regular flooding or regular blockages, it may be due to silted drains.  Other indications of siltation include, for example, a gradual reduction in an area's ability to drain after heavy or sustained rainfall.   Where soakaways exist, heavy siltation due to insufficient maintenance can render the soakaway useless and result in expensive replacement costs.


Moderate silt deposits are generally easy to clear using high pressure jetting. However, if siltation becomes excessive & compacted, then matters are complicated significantly. We offer a full service for dealing with silted drains and can advise on future maintenance to prevent further blockages.


If you have an urgent blocked drain problem, why not call us NOW, we can resolve drainage emergencies TODAY. Alternatively, visit our Blocked Drains page for helpful guidance on choosing a contractor (hopefully us!).

Drainage Maintenance - Silted Drains

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Structural defects in a drainage system, such as fractured pipes, displaced joints and intruding connections may not present an immediate threat to the structural integrity of the pipe.  However, they can cause repeat blockages and siltation, as they provide an obstruction for solids and debris to become snagged on.  In cases where replacement costs are prohibitive, EDS can provide a maintenance service to prevent disruption to your business and to monitor defects over time.

Drainage Maintenance - Structural Defects

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Whatever your Drainage Maintenance requirements, we are happy to visit your site for a free consultation, and if you would like,  produce a costed  schedule of proposed annual drainage maintenance works to help keep your system operational.  We can supply numerous references from satisfied clients for whom we have provided a similar service over many years.  


CALL NOW on 0845 2300939 for a no obligation chat about your drainage maintenance requirements or use the Fast Drainage Enquiry Form.  Talk to a drainage professional with no sales pressure whatsoever.

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